Change Ahead

Well here it is! My first ever blog post.
I guess I should share a little bit of my inspiration and intentions for this new-found adventure of mine šŸ™‚

I have thought about starting a blog for several years now, but never really knew what to focus on, and I never had the inspiration to actually go through with it.
What changed? Well, I recently became more interested in health and wellness in all areas of life.Ā I don’t want to ignore these things in life that areĀ keeping us from living our best life as a family together.Ā Ā I Don’t want to waste my time stressing and worrying. I want to focus on the positive things and move forward in every aspect of my life. I want to create a better life for my family, and also the people who we are connected with.
I plan on using this blog to share my experiences whileĀ transitioning my family into a healthier lifestyle.

I may share ideas I get, things I have found useful, and stories from my life…
My ultimate intention is to make a difference –Ā I want to change the world! (Even if it’s just a little)


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