But it was Friday!!!

So the first night at work since the healthy change was good!
The Respiratory Department at our hospital is always full of goodies – breakfast cakes, cookies, random homemade treats that someone brings in to share… I not only ignored the store bought cookies with the mile long list of ingredients, but I stayed away from the vending machine when I so desperately wanted a Reese’s cup. I’m glad I did though because after some leftovers, fruit with cheese, and a glass of lemon mint tea I felt completely refreshed!
I am in desperate need of some healthy sweet recipes to keep around the house, I can’t satisfy my sweet tooth with just fruit, although it does help.
Even more amazing than my extraordinary will power was that I didn’t really get my sluggish 3:00 AM crash like I normally do (part of this I’m contributing to the Rejuveniix that I’m taking, it’s a natural energy supplement, but my energy was even more noticeable). If I ever needed proof that what you eat really makes a difference, that was it for me.

After my 12 hour shift and my hour drive home, I got some much needed sleep, thanks to my awesome hubby taking care of the baby.
I got to wake up to a business call with a prospective partner which only added to my already good mood!
After my oldest son got home from school we went and visited Great Grandma, who just got home from getting a blood transfusion, and she is doing well. It was nice to see her and some of my other family that I don’t see often.

Then, on the drive home, there was a moment of weakness… Being tired and hungry we decided to stop and get food on our way home -pause for suspense- we got Taco Bell (with beans instead of meat). So I guess it wasn’t a complete loss in our week of healthy eating, but I am still a little upset that I didn’t just make something at home. I had a feeling that dinner the day after night shift would be our downfall. I have decided that I am going to make a extra meals to keep in our freezer for these situations. I’m not going to let tired get in the way of healthy anymore.


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