Not So Super Bowl Sunday

I was unable to get my shift covered tonight, so I couldn’t watch the Super Bowl with my family…  Let’s be honest, I really wanted to watch the commercials with my family. I woke up early because I couldn’t stay asleep listening to my adorable 4 month old Little E giggle with my husband, it seemed that as soon as I started to fall asleep he found something hilariously entertaining- which is fine, because as stated before it was adorable! When my boys left to go to a friend’s Super Bowl party I was left at home with 2 whole hours before I had to leave for work… Not enough time to sleep, but when you’re all ready for work it seems kind of strange to have that extra time.

So I decided to get a jump start on my organizational promise to myself, I went through our mail. To most people this may not sound so daunting, but trust me, in our house it is a very serious thing… I was honestly afraid I may lose my 60 lb dog in the pile of ‘junk’ mail, then there was the equally large pile of bills (which I’m not sure why I get multiples of the same bill, and why I keep them when I actually track everything online…).
We keep our mail in a hanging closet organizer (the kind you would use for sweaters if you were a normal family). I usually will pick out important things and set down the rest, which drives my hubby absolutely nuts! He inevitably comes along and collects the remaining mail, and stuffs it into our ‘organizer’, which must be some type of black hole… Seriously…
Every couple of months I get up the courage to go through it, sometimes out of desperation to find a certain coupon or insurance cards (ha, it’s sad but true), and you would not believe what I find in their- random hats, toothbrushes (what the!?), it is absolute insanity.
I WILL  keep our mail ‘organizer’ under control after this, I’m tired of having nightmares about banking specials, dental offers, and timeshares sneaking out of the closet in droves!

Once I had gone through all the junk mail, regular mail, and bills, I decided I may as well finish paying bills for our first chunk of the month so I can go ahead and get rid of those bills too!  It is sad when you can almost feel your bank account cry due to the sudden drop in the balance, kind of like the dizzy spins you get when your blood sugar or blood pressure drop. Poor Bank.  I feel your pain. Glad it’s over with now because I know what is left- leading me into another goal… Pay the bills when I get paid- no more procrastination (my true weakness…)

The healthy is still going great! Haven’t tried anymore new recipes yet, but a coworkers wife gave me some very intriguing ones that I will have to share 🙂
I have to admit to everyone- I did have a brownie tonight… I’m only human and it is Super Bowl Sunday after all


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