This Could be THE Longest Night Ever…

I’m not sure if it’s because of the full(ish) moon or if it is because of it being a Sunday, but this feels like the longest night ever… So far I have taken care of all of my patients in the Intensive Care Unit (including some new ones), tweezed my eyebrows, got my taxes done (minus the info for the HSA, don’t know when it will ever come…), did a survey of Ohio Shoppers opinion (or something like that…), ate that darn brownie, and now I’m here 🙂
And it’s only 2:00 AM… I have 5 more hours here… This is why I don’t want to have to work, I love my job and everything, but it would be wonderful if it were optional!
something different-
If you aren’t from Ohio consider yourself lucky, everything here is confused by the weather this year- flowers, wardrobes, asthmatics… We keep getting these 50 degree days, followed by ice storms and freezing temperatures, then it’s warm and rainy… It’s a mess. I don’t know if I will ever have clean floors again because my dogs are either tracking in mud or snow and it is nearly impossible to keep up… Although the Soggy Doggy does look like a promising alternative to using old towels, and the price is comparable with most other door mats. That’s going on my ‘list’ for sure, especially before spring!


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