Practice Makes Perfect

It seems for the past 24 hours I’ve been feeling defeated for some reason. I keep telling myself nothing will ever change if I don’t actively do something about it. So I’m going to share a couple if stories that gave me a little hope 🙂

First off is anyone really a born natural at anything?? I mean, it may seem like it, but look closer. My son, Big E, is great with problem solving and excels at reading… He hasn’t always been like that though, he had to learn how to work through problems effectively. He had to learn to recognize and sound out difficult words, he couldn’t just do it. Some of the other kids he plays sports with seem to do them so naturally, but then you find out they have been playing for years… My point is, none of these skills are just born into us.

– noun
1. habitual or customary way of doing something
2. the action of doing something
3. repeated performance to acquire skill
-verb (used without object)-ticed-ticing
to do something repeatedly to acquire skill

At the hospital I work at respiratory therapists intubate (intubating is when we put a breathing tube into someone’s trachea to protect their airway or help them breathe when they can’t), intubation is something that doesn’t always get covered in depth for us RT’s in school, and it’s not something that every hospital expects us to do. Alright, on with the story- one of my dearest friends is going through her operating room rotation to get ‘checked off’ on intubating. She got really shook up one day about missing a couple of attempts to get the tube into a patient (don’t worry, there was an anesthesiologist there with her!), she kept saying how she should ‘be able to do it’ and ‘what if she just can’t do it’… Another RT had some very eye opening words for her, hopefully I can do it justice on here- “You know how the Super Bowl is this Sunday? Those are two of the best teams in the country (supposedly). Do you know what they are doing this week before the game? They’re practicing… They are supposed to be the best of the best, yet they are still practicing… What happens with baseball? They have their multiple games a week, but they are always practicing.”

So I guess what I have gotten from these thoughts and stories is that anyone who is a true professional at something will always be practicing, no matter how great they are at what they do.


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