Ha. I Was Right Again


A couple of weeks ago we had some very random warm weather in Ohio for this time of year. I was outside with our dogs and faintly smelled natural gas, I asked Hubby if he smelled it too, he said ‘no’ and continued by telling me I was nuts…
Well, today as I was wiping off muddy paws on the porch, I smelled it again. It was very faint, like when someone lights a gas stove, I thought for a second that maybe I am just nuts like hubby suggested, but then decided to call our gas company just in case. They tell me not to turn anything on or off, don’t use my cell phone and that they will end the call from their end of the line. Needless to say, they scared the crap out of me! Five minutes later, a truck pulled up from the gas company and a very calm man asked me where I had smelled the gas, of course I told him where I was when I smelled it and added that I’m probably just crazy. Two hours later after he had random holes in my yard, stuck gizmos in the ground, and waved this wandy stick thing all over the place he came back to the door to talk to me. I apologize for my disaster of a yard (we haven’t done much out there since the Little E was born- oops) and tell him I’m sorry for making him spend two hours poking around the yard… But guess what? I’m not crazy! There was a major gas leak underground against the house! I mean, I know that’s not really something to get excited about, but come on, I got to tell him ‘I told you so!’ and that always feels good 🙂
However, before I thought about this new found reason to be excited, My heart dropped… Is having a new gas line installed something I would have to pay for out of pocket?! How much could it cost? OMG this is just one more thing to add to the list… Well Mr. Calm utility worker informed me that I will have zero cost replacing the line, it should be done tomorrow, and he shut off the gas so everything is safe again! I don’t even want to think of what could have happened if I would have accepted the ‘Caitlin, you’re crazy’ that went through my head today when I smelled it… Thank God for gut feelings, blankets, and electric heaters!


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