Life Isn’t Fair, Why Expect It To Be?

Well, it’s been almost a month since we made a major overhaul to the way we are eating in my home. Hubby has continued with the mostly veggie diet, with minimal eggs, fish, and cheese. I have added chicken back in to the dinners about once a week. We have continued to cook at home (we fudged a few times and eaten ‘healthy’ options out) we went from a red meat, potatoes, and veggie family to mostly veggie, grain, and fish family. A drastic change but now that we have done it, it seems relatively normal. In the past few weeks Hubby has dropped over a size and lost 20lbs, me? I have maybe lost 5lbs… Still wearing the same clothes… I’m a little frustrated because it was my idea to do this and he’s getting the results, I know that sounds a little selfish, but it’s true. I’ll give him the fact that he not only cut out meat, but lots of soda from his diet, which is something I have never indulged in. It always seems that men are able to lose weight quicker than women, I wonder why that is? I think I’ll be reading up on it for a later post 🙂


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