Busy Weeks…

Where is the summer going??? It literally feels like my birthday was just a week ago and I posted on here… It’s been almost a month- I need to find a better system to keep up with posting, tell me what has worked for you when it comes to keeping up with something or staying focused/organized!

Almost two weeks ago now, my hubby and I were part of the MuckRuckus MS in Troy, OH. Having never done any type of an organized run, let alone a 5K with mud and obstacles, we were more than a little nervous… His sister had talked us in to signing up months ago, we had all these great intentions of training and preparing… That went well for about 2 weeks 🙂

The day of the run came, we were up early making the 45 minute drive to Fulton Farms where the run was being held- go figure, we missed the exit… Then we got stuck by a train that was stopped on the tracks… Not a good start to a morning where everyone in the car was already on edge! It was a hot and muggy morning and we were [thankfully] signed up for the first start time at 9:00am.


We had no idea what we were in for… I had looked at pictures of mud runs and wasn’t overly nervous about the obstacles, mainly the running. It wasn’t that bad- granted I walked most of it with my sis-in-law… I still managed to hurt my toe to the point where I’m in the process of losing the nail 😦 Note to self: Do not wear tight shoes to run in, especially when you will be jumping off obstacles and slamming your toes into the shoe… It leads to your Doc wanting to drill through the top of your toenail a week later to relieve the pressure from the blood type blister that has developed under there from the aforementioned slamming… Ultimately relieving the painful pressure, which is a plus…
Anyway- The good part of the story is that we all finished the run, we got a t-shirt, food, and 2 tall beers once we were done 🙂 Great experience for our first 5k!


There is another local 5k this Saturday morning that I just found out about the other day, I think we may try to do that also- I may not, we will see what my toe thinks about the treadmill before I make any decisions.


My First Foodie Pen Pal!

Ok- Pretty cool thing. Blogger Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean started something called Foodie Pen Pals where bloggers and readers can sign up to be paired with other bloggers/readers to receive and send a box with up to $15 worth of foodie goodies for your new friend to try, then at the end of the month you get to write a blog post about it or a guest post for the blog of your pen pal. How cool is that? I love it when people have such innovative ideas to get people connected.

Told you it was pretty cool!