Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day! (July)

– I want to apologize in advance for my links being a little messed up (don’t have the icon) but today my phone not being cooperative!-

Today is reveal day for Foodie Pen Pals! I know that by my standard of Ohio time I am a little late on getting this up, but considering I spent the majority of my day on planes and in airports starting off a family vacation in California, I think I can be excused 🙂
More on the trip later- this is about the great box of goodies I received from my July pen pal Emma!
Emma isn’t a blogger but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her stuff! When she asked what type of things I liked I told her that I basically try to stay healthy, loved coconut and Tony’s Creole seasoning… I open my box and got some pretty great surprises 🙂

20120731-230750.jpg a couple of Clif bars that were really good (I’ve never had one before!- I know it’s crazy…)

a big bag of yogurt raisins (I think Big E was even more excited at this point, because that is one of his favorite treats)


Emma has also helped me restock on my Tony’s which I was almost out of (since it goes on everything I make)
<img src=”” alt=”20120731-231157.jpg” –
and there was a 13 bean soup mix, I still need to make it, I’ve never attempted a bean soup before but have actually thought about it before this package arrived!

20120731-231213.jpgThe last thing I got to was a heavy wrapped item- I couldn’t even guess what it might be since Emma had asked about my interest in Tennessee local items… I had absolutely no idea what would be inside…
I open it and it’s a coconut curry sauce- something else I’ve been thinking about trying but never had the courage to! I can’t wait to get home from vacation and make something amazing with it- speaking of that, I’m open for suggestions on recipes or ideas on curries or sides or anything for that type of meal!


Thank you Emma for a wonderful box of goodies!

Want to know more about Foodie Pen Pals?! Check out my previous blog post about it or just click this nice little link here

Wondering about what I sent to my pen pal Lisa in Utah this month? Since she also does not have her own blog she was kind enough to write a little bit about what she got from me 🙂

“This was my very first time participating in Foodie Pen Pals and it was so much fun! I enjoyed both the sending and receiving and am so happy that I discovered this little gem of the “blogging world”.
I myself am not a blogger but often find myself stumbling upon them when surfing the Internet (enter Foodie Pen Pals). Caitlin has asked me to write a short response to what she sent me and she did such a good job, that of course I said yes!
When I opened my box I was greeted with a can of tuna. This was hilarious! When we first made contact via email I told her the one thing I am not a fan of when it comes to food is fish, but doubted if that could be sent in a box. She showed me! I am now the proud owner of a little can of tuna and a note saying she hopes I have a cat to “enjoy the fishiness”. So funny!
As I continued to sift through the goodies I found many hand written notes along the way. This was the best part! It added such a personal touch and made me very happy. Speaking of being happy: I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! When I picked up a container of white chocolate peanut butter I about died! It has been so delicious and I have enjoyed every bite of it!
A close second to the peanut butter was a single sugar cookie. It doesn’t seem like much but attached was a note stating that it was from a bakery Caitlin often stopped at on her way to math tutoring for some inspiration. I myself have struggled with math my entire life and loved having a little bitef of something that helped a fellow “math struggle-er” along her way.
All in all this was so much fun and is something that I want to continue doing for a long long time!
Thanks again, Caitlin!”




My First Foodie Pen Pal!

Ok- Pretty cool thing. Blogger Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean started something called Foodie Pen Pals where bloggers and readers can sign up to be paired with other bloggers/readers to receive and send a box with up to $15 worth of foodie goodies for your new friend to try, then at the end of the month you get to write a blog post about it or a guest post for the blog of your pen pal. How cool is that? I love it when people have such innovative ideas to get people connected.

Told you it was pretty cool!

Bureau of Motor Vehicles… Good Times!

Well, I had to get my new driver’s license before it expires on Sunday (my luck would be that I would end up having to retake the written & driving test ! -how horrible would that be?!)

Anyway- I always have a pleasant experience at the local BMV, always the same women working (at either of the two locations we go to) and they are always SO nice and helpful, I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes for anything, never dealt with staff getting irritable at people- It’s amazing compared to the images you always get of the BMV!

20 minutes and I had a new license (with new picture-not so exciting!), tags for both of my cars, vision test done, and a document notarized. I’d call that a WIN!  I think a lot of it how you see things, because I hardly ever have bad experiences lol

**absurd driving laws in Ohio**

-The Ohio driver’s education manual states that you must honk the horn whenever you pass another car. That could get old REALLY  fast! Sadly, I remember this from when I was in drivers ed and have done it before on a country road…

– [Fairview Park] It’s against the law to honk your horn “excessively”. Better watch how much passing you’re doing when you’re there!

– [Oxford] Horn honking is not permitted as it might scare horses.  Forget passing altogether better just drive in reverse- it isn’t passing then is it?

– [City of Canton] Power Wheels cars may not be driven down the street. umm, common sense?

SEE… I said I would keep up on posting! Even though I didn’t have time to really write about anything that interesting or worthwhile, I feel a lot better knowing that I got something on here 🙂 there may be more completely random posts in between the more put together ones.

By the way… I signed up to be a Foodie Penpal, and I’m really excited about it! Such a cool idea! Check it out here-  While you’re there take some reading time too, there are some great posts!


Time sure flies…

Is it just me? Or does it seem like time is going a lot faster lately?
I feel like I was home on maternity leave last week and Christmas was the other day… and now, now it’s the middle of June! I have definitely been slacking on the blog, I’m a little disappointed about that- especially considering pretty much everyday I have a great idea for a post and I tell myself  ‘It’s bedtime/naptime/cleaning time- it can wait till later’ and I never get back around to it! Ooops! I’m going to try a little harder to keep up with it this time.

A lot has happened in my home since I posted last…
(sorry no pictures either, my camera is not getting along with the computer! ugh!)

*My Little E is now walking with assistance, climbing onto things, getting sharp little teeth, etc. Not to mention he is a 9 month old wearing 12 month clothes and weighs 22lbs!

*My older son Big E is now a 2nd grader and is on summer vacation… It’s been good so far, we have a lot of work to do on swimming though since someone managed to forget 3 years worth of lessons! He is also playing soccer and doing absolutely amazing (if-I-do-say-so-myself!)

* We had to put Remy, my (favorite-shh) dog to sleep after a herniated disc caused him to become paralyzed, that was the hardest couple of days- I still almost call his name when I’m getting the other dogs inside :/

*Our healthy eating and living is going great! I wish I had pictures of how our fridge used to look to compare to how it looks now, almost everything is fresh, we have been losing weight still. Hubby/partner in crime, has lost a lot of weight since we started all this in Febraury. I am in pants that I haven’t been able to wear in FOREVER without a muffin top lol. The most important thing is that we FEEL better!

Well I think that pretty much sums up the past few months lol…  I plan to post again soon- by soon I mean in the next several days this time!

Life Isn’t Fair, Why Expect It To Be?

Well, it’s been almost a month since we made a major overhaul to the way we are eating in my home. Hubby has continued with the mostly veggie diet, with minimal eggs, fish, and cheese. I have added chicken back in to the dinners about once a week. We have continued to cook at home (we fudged a few times and eaten ‘healthy’ options out) we went from a red meat, potatoes, and veggie family to mostly veggie, grain, and fish family. A drastic change but now that we have done it, it seems relatively normal. In the past few weeks Hubby has dropped over a size and lost 20lbs, me? I have maybe lost 5lbs… Still wearing the same clothes… I’m a little frustrated because it was my idea to do this and he’s getting the results, I know that sounds a little selfish, but it’s true. I’ll give him the fact that he not only cut out meat, but lots of soda from his diet, which is something I have never indulged in. It always seems that men are able to lose weight quicker than women, I wonder why that is? I think I’ll be reading up on it for a later post 🙂

This Could be THE Longest Night Ever…

I’m not sure if it’s because of the full(ish) moon or if it is because of it being a Sunday, but this feels like the longest night ever… So far I have taken care of all of my patients in the Intensive Care Unit (including some new ones), tweezed my eyebrows, got my taxes done (minus the info for the HSA, don’t know when it will ever come…), did a survey of Ohio Shoppers opinion (or something like that…), ate that darn brownie, and now I’m here 🙂
And it’s only 2:00 AM… I have 5 more hours here… This is why I don’t want to have to work, I love my job and everything, but it would be wonderful if it were optional!
something different-
If you aren’t from Ohio consider yourself lucky, everything here is confused by the weather this year- flowers, wardrobes, asthmatics… We keep getting these 50 degree days, followed by ice storms and freezing temperatures, then it’s warm and rainy… It’s a mess. I don’t know if I will ever have clean floors again because my dogs are either tracking in mud or snow and it is nearly impossible to keep up… Although the Soggy Doggy does look like a promising alternative to using old towels, and the price is comparable with most other door mats. That’s going on my ‘list’ for sure, especially before spring!

Change Ahead

Well here it is! My first ever blog post.
I guess I should share a little bit of my inspiration and intentions for this new-found adventure of mine 🙂

I have thought about starting a blog for several years now, but never really knew what to focus on, and I never had the inspiration to actually go through with it.
What changed? Well, I recently became more interested in health and wellness in all areas of life. I don’t want to ignore these things in life that are keeping us from living our best life as a family together.  I Don’t want to waste my time stressing and worrying. I want to focus on the positive things and move forward in every aspect of my life. I want to create a better life for my family, and also the people who we are connected with.
I plan on using this blog to share my experiences while transitioning my family into a healthier lifestyle.

I may share ideas I get, things I have found useful, and stories from my life…
My ultimate intention is to make a difference – I want to change the world! (Even if it’s just a little)